Friday, May 4, 2012

Paedo of the week

American friends, THIS is what you have supporting that pustule named Mitt Romney: an admitted paedophile and gun-nut, a dipshit of a man I've been watching get crazier and crazier as the years of his irrelevance went on and on.  Lately, he's actually been claimed as saying that he'd like to kill the President: "If Obama is re-elected I will be dead or in jail by this time next year"!   The Secret Service and he apparently had a "nice little talk" over that, but little came of it.  The article I link to below is dated April 18th, and asks the question of whether or not his admitted (on several occasions!) sexual-interest in what most would consider CHILDREN would even get mentioned by the Lamestream Media, let alone his possible threat to the POTUS.

I hope it goes fucking VIRAL, myself, and here's my add to that possibility, in case it hasn't done so already (I'll check around, but this was the first time I'd heard about it- no worries, some of you know my joke about how far down the Grapevine I am).

To all you older rockers, I suggest chucking anything of his you own, I don't care how much you like his mediocre beer-swilling, crotch-scratching, cave-man music- he is a fucktard of the most egregious variety, and if I were to ever meet the man myself, I'd tell him just what I thought of his anti-intellectualism, his idiocy over guns, that "God-Squad" membership bullpuckery, his anti-environmentalism (the Fish and Game Service "out of control"?  WTF?), and his admitted penchant for girls under the age of fifteen...

I give you, Ted Nugent, my winner of the Dirtier Than A Dog's Pizzle award for his extreme douchery.

More sources for this if DailyKos isn't on your radar:

Read the whole article, then check out the comments- this creep has a well-known rep for being a scum-bag:

Next  (I'm not a fan of the Christian Science Monitor, so when they publish something like this, it says something in their favour) :!-Does-Mitt-Romney-wish-he-d-zip-it

Even the lame-duck TMZ site mentions his inanities, though not the ones related to his comments about the POTUS or liking little girls:

This cretin was a YOUTH COUNSELLOR?!  *shudders*  This is just his IMDB page- it doesn't mention the recent scandals, but I thought it was worth putting up: 

This one is the last, I promise:

Oh, and his music's been dead-lame since at least the late '70's...

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Next week, we could discuss an old chestnut by the name of Roman Polanski, or how about Woody Allen?  Both are high on my personal scum-metre...

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